PinaLove Dating Application Review

by FilipinoBlush

PinaLove caters to anyone seeking to find love with Filipina women. While Filipina women can find men from all over the world on the PinaLove application, women on PinaLove are not surprisingly just from the Phillippines.

Just like pretty much any dating site, Pinalove also has a lot more male users than female ones. Filipina women tend to get a lot of messages while men get a lot less.

In this review, you will learn all you need to know about the PinaLove application.

PinaLive Dating Site: Is PinaLove Legit?

As with any filipino dating site, the question of legitimacy arises. If you look at Trustpilot reviews, you might get suspicious as the majority of reviews are really bad.

Most of the users complain about scammers, cam girls, and in general fake profiles.

Nevertheless, PinaLove is a legit dating site. There are a lot of scammers among PinaLove members, but that is due to the fact that PinaLove is a free dating site. Therefore, there is very little moderation.

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Is PinaLove 100% Free Dating Site?

Both Filipino women and men can join PinaLove and create a PinaLove profile completely for free.

Moreover, you can send messages for free.

However, PinaLove does have a premium subscription. While you can send messages for free, there are some limitations to a free account.

As a free member, you can only send a message every 10 minutes, which can be really annoying if you want to communicate with more filipino women.

You are also unable to read message receipts, so you don’t know if your message was read or not.

Another benefit of the PinaLove premium subscription is that your profile displays first in search results before all the free members.

How Much Does PinaLove Cost?

At the moment of writing this review, PinaLove has the following prices:

  • One month: $24.95 per month

  • Three months: $16.65 per month

  • Six months: $11.66 per month

  • One year: $9.95 per month

If you subscribe and decide to cancel your PinaLove premium subscription, you can do so at any time from your profile.

PinaLove Dating Site Features

PinaLove application has features like any other Filipina dating site.

You can send express interest by sending hearts, you can save members to your favorites, and you can also see who visited your profile. All the features are free.

You can also report suspicious profiles, but as was mentioned earlier, PinaLove will most likely not do anything about it.

All PinaLove members can delete their profiles at any time.

Does PinaLove Have an App?

Yes, PinaLove has an Android and Apple app.

Nevertheless, you will not find the PinaLove app in Google Play Store.

How to install PinaLove in Android? Well, you would have to download the app directly from their website and install it manually through the installation file.

We recommend not installing any applications this way. If an app is on Google Play Store or on iTunes Store, you have some guarantees that the app does not contain anything malicious.

You have no safety guarantees with the PinaLove Android application.

Will there be an official PinaLove app for Android?

There is no sign that PinaLove is planning on listing its app on Google Play Store.

On the website, they only mention that members should be careful when searching PinaLove app on the Google Play Store, as there are many apps that claim to be the official app.

However, the only official PinaLove app can be downloaded from their website.

Oxixo (the company behind PinaLove) probably does not want to pay Google 30% of every sale. Most likely, they have more users using Android than Apple, so it could significantly cut their earnings.

Is PinaLove Filipina Dating Site Safe?

You have to be very careful when you use the PinaLove app. As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of spammers.

This is nothing new. We are all used to scammers on dating sites, but on PinaLove, there are more of them than on other Filipina dating sites.

Be very careful what information you share. Many reviews on TrustPilot mention various types of fraud.

What is Better than PinaLove?

Is there a better free Filipino dating site? A dating site that has fewer spammers?

Try FilipinoBlush.

At FilipinoBlush, we review reported profiles and delete scammer members.

Moreover, you can send more than one message every 10 minutes on FilipinoBlush.

Our goal is to be among the best Filipina dating site, and so we care about our member's satisfaction.


Will my PinaLove profile appear in google search results?

Yes, Your profile will appear in the search results. If someone types your profile name and username into Google, your profile will show up. Nevertheless, visitors of PinaLove that are not members will see your profile photo blurred.

What is the biggest Filipino dating site? Is it PinaLove?

No, PinaLove has a large user base, but it is not the biggest Filipino website. The biggest is currently FilipinoCupid.

Why can't I log in PinaLove profile?

If you can’t log in, PinaLove might be temporarily down. If not, try resetting your password.

Does PinaLove have a refund policy?

PinaLove website states that they have a 14-day refund policy. Whether they actually refund members is unknown. There are no mentions of refunds on TrustPilot.

How do I change my profile on PinaLove?

Click on "Edit Profile" and then click on the orange button that says "Upload Photo". PinaLove members do not need to upload a profile photo to view photos of other users.

Can I filter profiles by Ladybody on PinaLove?

Yes, members can select and browse just ladyboys.

Can you really chat for free on PinaLove?

Yes, you can chat for free but you can’t send unlimited messages. Messages are limited to one message every 10 minutes.

Is there any profile validation?

No, there is no profile validation of any kind. All you have to do to create a profile is to have an email.

Is there a free trial?

No, PinaLove does not have a free trial.


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