I'm seeking Long Distance Relationship, Penpal, dating in Chena Ridge


My dreams is finding the right man and that will really make my dreams come true and I'll also make his come true too, who knows maybe its you. well when I find him I really will love to hold hands with him walking side by side on the street and kissing each other, and also go to the beach together and watching the sunset and also looking into each others eyes and saying the sweetest thing in the world. I will love him, cherish him, adore him, respect him, care for him, treat him like an Angel and be by his side always and forever. Share my good and bad times with him. Show him how special, precious, and handsome he is to my heart.

Looking for:
Long Distance Relationship, Penpal
Chena Ridge, Alaska, United States
Afrikanns, Arabic
Means of transport:
Pick me up
Who is paying:
I will pay for you
Type of date: